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  • Pinewood Park to Fernhill School route

    Created by Charlie Halliday // 1 thread

    Proposed alternative route for cyclists on quiet roads and existing footpaths from Pinewood Park to Fernhill Schools avoiding Sandy Lane and Chapel Lane. Would require improvements to footpaths to make them safe for cycling and a change of status to SUP. Also requires a safe crossing on Fernhill Road. Proposed by Cllr Muschamp.

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  • Park Road Contraflow

    Created by Sarah Wood // 0 threads

    This contraflow infrastructure is hazardous for several reasons: the path is very narrow - realistically around 0.5m wide, the cyclists is riding in the gutter, at risk of being doored and catching wing mirrors. What caught me out was a vehicle travelling North and turned right to access an entrance. Our sight lines were blocked by parked vehicles in parking bays to the right of the cycle path. Until this situation is addressed cyclists will continue to be vulnerable along this section of the road.

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  • Proposed Cycle Lanes on Kingsmead

    Created by Charlie Halliday // 1 thread

    Proposal by HCC to add advisory cycle lanes on both sides of Kingsmead between the SUP near the junction with Victoria Road to the entrance of Pinehurst car park.
    The cycle lanes would have a contrasting red surface at the entrances to Sainsburys and the Kingsmead and Sainsburys car parks.

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  • Park Road Infrastructure

    Created by Sarah Wood // 1 thread

    Park Road is one way to motorised traffic at this point. There is a contra flow on road cycle path to allow cyclists to travel S. This path is far less that 1 metre wide and parked cars are allowed to the right of the cycle lane. The issues here are: high risk of being doored; wobbling into gutter; knocking wing mirrors; being hit by vehicles turning right into entrances because of poor sight lines between motorists and cyclists created by the barrier of parked cars. This is shown in the photo.

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  • Farnborough Alexandra Road cycle facilities consultation

    Created by Charlie Halliday // 5 threads

    Proposal to address Farnborough Town Action Plan reference CW39. Issue: Alexandra Road, safety, pedestrian and cycle links.
    Consultation documents may be downloaded from:
    They are also on view in the reception area at Rushmoor Borough Council Offices, Farnborough Road during the consultation period

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  • Queens Roundabout Improvement Scheme

    Created by Charlie Halliday // 1 thread

    Proposal by Hampshire County Council to increase the capacity of the roundabout.

    Concerns that the carriageway would be even less appealing for cyclists and the shared used paths not an adequate alternative.

    Decision to be made on 5 November 2013

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